What is Libra ?

Living in an OECD country, we often think that, like us, most people have access to a bank, a bank account or a bank loan, but the reality is quite different. Almost half of the world's population does not have a bank account.  Indeed, banks are still too expensive for a large part of the … Continue reading What is Libra ?


Uses of our Digital Identity

How can our digital identity have many impacts on our daily life? A human identity defines the person we are, the characteristics that represent each one of us such as name, surname, birth date, address, etc. In general, identity can be considered as characters that define us and may be influenced by our life story … Continue reading Uses of our Digital Identity

Prosthetics: when engineering meets medicine

Today technologies are, not only, part of our daily life but they also complete it. Technologies have been created in order to help the humankind. This growing development has, not only helped humans but also has created new solutions to old problems by introducing new careers in the labor world. One of the outstanding specialization … Continue reading Prosthetics: when engineering meets medicine

Data Science In Sports : “The Interview” (4)

To conclude our series of articles, we decided to do things differently from what we have done so far. That’s why today we are very happy to have the testimony of Kevin Jeffries, author, and data analyst at Opta Sports. His journey, his job, his thoughts on the evolution of sport in France, he talks … Continue reading Data Science In Sports : “The Interview” (4)

When technology backfires: AI in the beauty industry

Who would have thought that the progress of Artificial Intelligence would affect the way we look at ourselves in the mirror ?  Now more than ever, we see multiple services in the beauty market using perfected technology. For example, custom makeup products are created individually just by scanning the skin of a client in a … Continue reading When technology backfires: AI in the beauty industry

Data Science in Cybersecurity : Collection #1 Leak | Phishing

Nowadays technological world, thousands of connected objects are used everyday to automate actions and make life easier. This is an important aspect but not the only one to take into account. Indeed, those objects and softwares often face security breaches which can create trouble for the user. Collection #I In January has been released on … Continue reading Data Science in Cybersecurity : Collection #1 Leak | Phishing